Uses for Masking Tapes

Adhesive masking tape is surprisingly useful. It’s right at home in a number of industrial and commercial masking applications. Richard Drew originally invented adhesive masking tape in order to help painters mask off areas that shouldn’t receive any paint.

Commercial painters tape holds up well against most paints and solvents. Make sure to look for a brand that’s made of strong paper. Household painters tape is usually made from weaker grades of paper, and professional painters want something a bit stronger.

Automotive baking ovens are used to quickly and uniformly dry fresh paint on cars. Some of the best painters tape can actually hold up to the infrared rays that these ovens use to bake automotive paint into the body of the vehicle. They’re especially useful for situations where the mirrors and windows on a motor vehicle have to be covered up during the painting process.

Those who need something that can conform to different shapes might want to take a look at the various crepe paper options that are on the market. Some types of adhesive masking tape are made for purely decorative purposes.